Belinda Carlisle talks Go-Go's, solo career

- Belinda Carlisle, and the music she made on her own and with the pop group "The Go-Go's", made up the soundtrack of the lives of many kids growing up in the 80s.

She joined us to talk about her start in music and about where her career is now.


"We went from zero to 100 in three years," Carlisle said when she visited FOX 5 to talk about her career. "We formed in 1977 without knowing how to plug a guitar into an amp. We had no Simon Cowell. We did all ourselves. It came straight from the garage."

Carlisle said that when she and her band started, MTV had just come on the scene. The focus, she said was on the artistry and the music rather than the business of the industry.

Getting their all-female band signed to a record contract back in the 70s was a challenge. Carlisle said record executives told them that, although they were popular, they had no track record of all-female groups doing well – so they would be left unsigned.


The group's break-up came soon after they recorded their most well-known music. "All the cliché things that break up bands: publishing, ego, drugs, she said. “We were so young and that kind of fame when you're that young is really a hard thing to handle."

"The scariest thing for me was being out oh on stage for the first time without the security blanket of the Go-Go’s," Carlisle said. The toughest part was right after she made her first album alone.

Carlisle said he loves both the band and solo aspects of her music career equally. "When I'm on my own I miss the camaraderie of the Go-Go’s - we've been together for 40 years. And when I'm with them I kind of wish I was on my own."


When Carlisle performs, she likes to mix the old with the new. "I haven't done this we'll really for 25 years. It's been a long time. People want to hear the old stuff. There's a time and place for that."

The Go-Go’s singer says that she loves seeing fans of all ages at her shows. "I had girl the other night in Cleveland, she was like seven or eight. She was standing right in the front. She was practically on the stage with me."

No hidden meaning behind the song, "Vacation," and as far as water-skiing like on the cover of that famous album – Carlisle said she just had two hip surgeries, so she won’t be planning any ski trips any time soon.

Check out the Go-Go’s farewell tour: and find info on Carlisle’s solo performances: |

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