Baltimore legend, John Waters, puts the 'X' in 'Xmas' at his Christmas one-man show

- John Waters - the Baltimore film legend behind classics like Hairspray and Pink Flamingos - is taking an X-rated crack at Christmas.

He sat down with FOX 5's Holly Morris to talk about his start and about what you can expect in his naughty holiday show – 'A John Waters Christmas' – which is playing at The Birchmere in Alexandria.


What do people recognize Waters for the most – it depends on what circle he’s in. If he's on the subway in New York - 'Seed of Chucky.' When he’s with children - 'The Simpsons.'

And what about his own films? He says 'strange' people recognize him from those! "As long as you have your finger in one pie everywhere you're okay!" he said.


Waters says he always gets a great crowd for his Christmas show - a show he’s done for a decade. "That's amazing - especially at the Birchmere - where I've done it for many, many years. It's a great audience there. It's amazing because they have to eat while they watch what I have to say -which is sometimes hard."

The filmmaker says starts working on the show in July. "Nobody gets mad anymore. I can talk about the most hideous stuff- but I talk about it with joy and I talk about it with excitement and I don't think I’m ever mean - so my show appeals to everybody," he said.

"If you hate Christmas I can tell you how to handle it. I can tell you what to do. I can tell you how to put curses on your relatives…"


"I heard my parents describing me when I was a child – 'He must be an odd duck,'" Waters said. So then I thought, 'Well, that's a reason to live.' I learned early what I was and was happy to be one."

Waters said that even in grade school he wasn’t interested in what others were interested in. "There's a picture of me in my family Christmas when I was under 12, and I got what I asked for Christmas – and it's me under the tree with a hand puppet and Ray Charles album."

His favorite Christmas carol? "Santa Claus Is Black Man," by Akim & Teddy and "I'm Fat Daddy," by Paul "Fat Daddy" Johnson - a Baltimore DJ from the 60s.


He has places in New York and San Francisco - but he lives in Baltimore.

"This is where I live. People are cuter and they have the better sense of humor and they don't think they're better than anybody else."

And when did he know he had ‘made it?’ "When I could buy every book I wanted without looking at the price and I never had to be around ***holes!"

As for his own Christmas, Waters say he has a very traditional Christmas with family. "In some ways I celebrate Christmas in a very conventional way - even though I'm like a drag queen at Halloween- if it's Christmas I'm at work."


"Well, Divine gave me a Kashmir blanket once - and I think he shoplifted - so that made it doubly as good!"

Johns Waters describes himself as 'a 70-year-old filth elder' and as a lucky man. "I wish I could say I believed in karma - I wish karma was true - but I don't believe it is - so for Christmas, just be glad you're here!"

Find out more about his sold-out show here: and

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