Are you an Alpha Wife? Take the quiz and see the Alpha Female's Guide to Men and Marriage

- There's a lot of pressure on women to have it all – spouse, kids, and a fulfilling career.

But even women who excel at juggling all of that may be putting their relationships at risk according to a new book.

'The Alpha Female's Guide To Men And Marriage' aims to address that and author Suzanne Venker joined us to explain.


1. Do you feel nervous or out of control when you’re not the one in charge?

2. Are you a perfectionist or an overachiever?

3. Do you sometimes feel superior to your husband, as though he needs you to show him how to do things? (How to dress, what to say, how to grocery shop, how to parent, etc.)

4. Do you take your everyday frustrations out on your husband as though he’s the cause of those frustrations?

5. Do you generally expect your husband to go along with your plans, as opposed to the other way around?

6. When you listen to your husband, are you immediately formulating a response in your head before he’s finished speaking?

7. Do you roll your eyes when your husband says something with which you disagree or disapprove?

8. Do you frequently contradict your husband? (If your answer is no, would your husband agree?)

9. Are you a drill sergeant?

10. Do you tease your husband in front of others in a manner that could be construed as disrespectful?

11. Do you need to be right?

12. Do you frequently interrupt your husband or talk over him, even in public? (If your answer is no, would your husband agree?)

13. Does your marriage feel like one giant power struggle? (If your answer is no, would your husband agree?)

If you answered ‘yes’ to three or more questions, you are indeed an alpha wife. But not every woman is the same degree of alpha. A good gauge of how alpha you are is simple: the more questions you answered in the affirmative, and the more frequently they each occur, the more alpha you are.


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