Mom posts list of rules for visiting her newborn baby on Facebook

A mom's post on Facebook about the rules her friends and family should follow before to visiting her newborn baby girl is stirring up controversy. 
Your friend or family member has a new baby, and you’re eager to meet the bundle of joy. After all, what is more precious than snuggling a baby?
You already know that there is newborn etiquette to follow. For example, don’t visit when you’re sick or don't wear a pungent fragrance. But what if the newborn's mother writes a "do's and don'ts" list and posts it on Facebook? Do you praise the mom for being smart, or think she's crazy and consider not visiting?
A listener of Sarah Fraser's podcast had the same question! She sent Sarah her friend's "do's and don'ts" list, which was posted on Facebook, for visiting her newborn.
In it, the new mom writes, " Having a baby is hard work. While your visit is appreciated, we ask that you please assist our family in this critical time by helping out. Snuggle time will be offered on a first come, first to serve basis." 
She goes on to lay out the rules:
"Ideas to get to the front of the line: 
- Bring a nutritious meal
- Take action! Do chores, empty the trash, wash dishes, load or unload dishwasher, fold laundry
- Sit with children so mom can shower, eat, nap
- Play with toddler
- Ask for a task
- Pick up essentials you know the family will need
Please don't:
- Wear strong smells like perfume or smoke
- Assume mom will play hostess
- Give unsolicited advice
- Be offended if the family doesn't answer calls or want visitors
- Per the doctor's suggestion, in order to protect the healty of the baby and mom, avoid visiting for at least three weeks after being vaccinated.
What do you think-- is this mom is smart, or ridiculous? Let us know what your thoughts are on Facebook or Twitter.
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