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RNC protester makes bold statement - kindness

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  • Can Trump win Ohio without any black support?

  • LeDuff: More white people than black people are killed by police … But what kind of white people?

  • An American story about an American crisis: inside America's largest jailhouse

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  • Study: Marijuana not linked to rise in auto fatalities

  • Horrendous case of animal abuse: Dog missing front paws

  • Valley company embraces 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'

  • Parker County SO: Mom left kids in hot car to 'teach them a lesson'


  • Michelle J. Manley (left) and her daughter, Daisy Manley (right) were reported missing on Saturday. They were last seen on June 15. (Photo credit: Metropolitan Police Department)

    DC mother and toddler reported missing, last seen June 15

  • Multi-car crash involving a boat kills one seriously injures another

  • No injuries after fire evacuates Westin Hotel in D.C.

  • Pentagon to conduct emergency response exercise Sunday


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National Capitol BBQ Festival

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  • FOX 5s Photojournalist Michael Fischoff has the story. It's a Celebration for the nation! On June 24th & 25th 2017, America's Main Street, Historic Pennsylvania Avenue was transformed into a celebration of community, family and friends as BBQ Teams

    National Capitol BBQ Festival

  • Fox 5 News Edge at 11

    2-Year-Old Drowns in backyard pool

  • Fox 5 News Edge at 11

    Fatal Crash Near the "Mixing Bowl" area

  • Fox 5 News Edge at 11

    Westin Hotel Fire

  • Lindsay Watts Reports

    Apartment Buiding Fire

  • Dell Seton Medican Center conducted a study on whether states that have legalized recreational marijuana use are at an increased risk for deadly car accidents.

    Marijuana use and car accidents

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