Brody Logan

I'm here, this disembodied head looking over a bio, because of Bob Barker.

Yes, the Bob Barker of The Price is Right fame (and the Bob Barker that KO'd Happy Gilmore).

When I was a student at the University of Miami, I went on a trip to Los Angeles and went to view a taping of The Price is Right. By luck, and by the horrible decision making of the show's producers, I was selected as a contestant. I made it past contestants row and onto the stage with the greatest game show host of all time. Now never one to bypass an opportunity, I told Barker I wanted his job. For some dumb reason, Bob Barker gave me his microphone.

After introducing the game 'Bonkers' to a national television audience, Bob Barker said "This kid is too good. He makes this job I've devoted my life to, look so easy!"

From there, my career has gone downhill.

I've reported on sports and just about everything else ever since. My first professional reporting job was with CSTV, which then became CBS Sports, and from there I went to ESPNU, and then on to my first job in local television: FOX 5.

I've been a member of the FOX 5 family since 2014, and in my time here I've gotten to report on hot dog eating, go kart racing, underwater hockey, Snowzilla... and the Washington Redskins.

This is where I tell you about all the big events I've had the opportunity to cover, and don't get me wrong, they're great. But honestly, what I care more about are the stories in the shadows of this community we get to illuminate. The high school athlete that's overcome great obstacles to get a college scholarship. The gym that trains amputees alongside able-bodied individuals, together, to show there are no limits to what the body can do when the mind gets out of the way. The opportunistic, and maybe a bit crazy, entrepreneur that has cornered the market on "Washington Pandas" merchandise. Just in case the Redskins opt to change their name and want to be named after Bao Bao. These are the stories that get me excited.

I used to go on family road trips to D.C. when I was a kid, and I always was in awe of this town. I grew up in Fort Pierce, Florida. From that sleepy little beach town, Washington, D.C. was a place filled with so much wonder and promise I knew I had to get here. I thought that would be as a Congressman but who wants to be hated by 89 percent of the nation?

I'm from The U, you can find me unabashedly rooting for my Canes on Twitter (@BrodyLogan) or just rattling off random thoughts like: did you ever notice that "lol" looks like a guy drowning? I bet he's not laughing. And now I've ruined "lol" for you.

You can also find me on, and you can find the clip of me stealing Bob Barker's microphone on YouTube. No, I will not link it here. If you find the clip, Tweet me your thoughts on college Brody's haircut.

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