Winterize your pool: 5 tips to help you prepare

Summer is coming to a close! It’s time to make sure your pool stays clean and crystal clear until the swimsuits and sweltering temps return.

1. Pool Trol Winterizing Kit
Dirt, leaves, and other debris can all leave your pool looking less than lovely, and they can leave behind some unwelcome stains. When your pool is closed for the winter, opt for chemical liquids and tablets that can help prevent stains before they happen.


2. Pool Closing Air Pillows
If you have an above-ground pool, ice and frozen water are serious concerns for your pool walls and your pool cover.  Make sure that your pool doesn’t suffer any unnecessary damage during the winter months.


3. Blue Wave Silver Pool Cover
During the winter months, ice, wind, sleet, and snow can do serious damage to your pool if you’re not prepared.  Getting a strong pool cover is your best bet, and it’ll keep any unwanted guests from taking a dip when you’re not around.




4. Pool Skimmer Plug
Keeping your skimmer clean over the winter is crucial to protecting your pool against freezing.  Consider using a skimmer plug to get extra protection for your above-ground pool.


5. Solar Heating Pool Cover Blanket
The use of a solar cover helps in protecting up to 95 percent of pool water evaporation.* As long as the pool is covered, the water stays warm, regardless of the outside temperature.  And when you take the cover off for a refreshing swim, you won’t have to worry about toe-testing before you jump in.
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