5 simple breakfast hacks for busy weekday mornings

Grabbing a slice of toast and a cup of coffee isn’t really breakfast and is certainly no way to start the day. 

These five simple breakfast hacks can break up that boring morning routine and help you fuel up for the day ahead:

1. Most coffee makers have automatic timers, but most people don’t use them. Before hitting the hay, take a couple minutes to make your coffee the night before. 

Besides saving you time in the morning, there’s the added benefit of waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee… how’s that for an eye opener?

2. Some of the most popular breakfast foods in America are breakfast sandwiches. You know – bacon egg and cheese biscuits, sausage and egg croissants, English muffin sandwiches. You can make your own, just the way you like them and avoid the lines at the drive-thrus.

Make one the night before & put it in the fridge, then throw it in the microwave for a minute and you’ve got a great hot breakfast ready in the time it takes to pour your coffee! You can even make a couple of them on Sunday for the week ahead… which brings us to the next idea.

3. WAFFLES! You can always go for a box of those tasteless things in the grocery store’s freezer section. But why not make your own?

Whenever we have waffles at my house, which is almost every weekend, there’s always leftover batter.  Why not make an extra waffle or two to throw in the freezer. Whenever you’re in the mood for a waffle, just one in the toaster and voila, a great-tasting breakfast in the amount of time that it takes to make that aforementioned toast.


4. Bagels and cream cheese more your thing?  This is one of my all-time favorite tricks: Get a dozen from your favorite bagel shop. If they don’t slice them for you, take them home, slice them, put a piece of folded waxed paper between each half, throw them in a freezer bag and into the freezer they go. 

When you’re ready, pop one in the toaster still frozen (the waxed paper keeps the halves from freezing together). The result is a nice, toasty bagel that’s soft and chewy on the inside.  Add a schmear of your favorite cream cheese and off you go!

5. Finally, a good insulated coffee mug is a commuter’s best friend. A nice hot sip of coffee might not actually make your drive to work enjoyable, but it definitely makes it more pleasant!

So don’t get caught in boring breakfast rut. Shake up your routine, start your day right… after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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