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Hillary Clinton: America 'at a moment of reckoning'

Hillary Clinton addresses delegates during the last night of the Democratic National Convention on July 28, 2016.
  • THE LATEST: Final day of the DNC

  • Employees fired for refusing to serve Va. officer

  • Woman found dead in car in Landover

  • Deadly fire possible murder-suicide

    Photo Courtesy of Fairfax Fire/Rescue
    Photo Courtesy of Fairfax Fire/Rescue
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  • Antonio Austin

    Despite surveillance video and persons of interest, DC stabbing murder remains unsolved 1 year later

  • Prosecutors drop murder charge against man accused of killing Chandra Levy; won't be retried

  • Man walking across country with goat to help raise money to build Kenyan orphanage

  • Metro: Fired train operator in red signal near-collision was 'concerned about getting a break'


  • NCGOP calls Tim Kaine 'shameful' for wearing foreign flag pin. There's just one problem.

  • Chipotle plans to open burger restaurant

  • Protest fail... Flag-burner outside DNC accidentally sets himself on fire

  • Cat sneaks into washing machine, survives


  • Alicia Vikander

    FOX Beat: Alicia Vikander stars in new film Jason Bourne

  • What you saw on Good Day DC: Links and information

  • FOX Beat: Cast of 'Star Trek: Beyond'

  • FOX Beat: Maria Bellow, star of 'Lights Out'


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President Obama speaks at the DNC

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  • FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald reports.

    President Obama speaks at the DNC

  • FOX 5's Lauren DeMarco reports.

    Suspect steals $30,000 worth of hair extension from salon

  • A two-alarm fire has turned into a death investigation after two people died after a fire broke out at a house in Fairfax County Wednesday, officials confirmed.

    2 dead in Fairfax County house fire

  • FOX 5's Sarah Simmons reports.

    Prosecutors abandon case against Baltimore officers in Freddie Gray's death

  • A U.S. automaker has come out with a new feature aimed at preventing children from dying in hot cars.

    GMC tries to prevent hot car deaths with rear seat reminder

  • On Tuesday, Black Lives Matter activists in Philadelphia to protest police-involved shootings of African-Americans.

    'White people to the back!': Protesters segregates media by race

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