25 Days of Joy


Posted: Dec 04 2015 06:41PM EST

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25 Days of Joy: Paul Wagner

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  • What's the one holiday song that really gets you in the spirit? For Paul Wagner, that's definitely Bruce Springsteen's version of

    25 Days of Joy: Paul Wagner

  • You might have the same favorite holiday song as FOX 5's Gwen Tolbart... and she's got a really good reason why she loves it. Here's her take on

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  • Does Shawn Yancy have a FAVORITE holiday song? You bet she does! She shares it with us for Day Two of FOX 5 DC's 25 Days of Joy. Hint: Donny Hathaway!

    25 Days of Joy: Shawn Yancy

  • What's your favorite holiday song? FOX 5's Maureen Umeh will even sing hers for you! Surely it'll have you rockin' around the Christmas tree... (and yes, that's a hint).

    25 Days of Joy: Maureen Umeh

  • If you ask what Annie Yu's favorite holiday song is, she'll sing it for you! Watch!

    25 Days of Joy: Annie Yu

  • There's one song that really gets you ready for Christmas, and if you're Wisdom Martin, that's

    25 Days of Joy: Wisdom Martin